We Staff The 20% That Provide 80% Of A Given Company’s Value, Sourced From .001% Of Candidates

You Can Exhale Now

Bull Staffing Co. leverages proprietary methods and technologies to surgically engage and dialogue highly-sought-after candidates, whose skills and credentials that are so rare and mission-critical, they are not just already working, but oftentimes not actively looking, or even aware there was a better opportunity out there – yours.

We make understanding the role and skills/credentials our business, and we vet both the candidate and you for a perfect match. We walk away from a role we can’t fill – at no cost to you – and offer a 100% unconditional guarantee.

We remain focused in a relatively few areas, and we have an advanced understanding of technical skills and credential requirements underlying jobs in the areas we focus on.

Modern Recruiting Practices Are Chasing Talent Underground, In A Feed-Forward Cycle

Recruiting subscription services have lowered the bar for access to candidates, opening the floodgates of unscrupulous recruiters, looking for one-off placements.

This has driven real, sought-after, talent ‘underground’, and even worse, this cycle is feed forward: the more recruiters contact candidates, the less responsive they are, and therefore the more this type of recruiter contacts candidates.

Additionally, most recruiters are not focused in a narrow area or area, and – being to broadly diversified – cannot understand job descriptions, technical details, or cultural or hiring manager requirements and preferences.

We identified that this happens more not just with non-employed candidates, but candidates who are looking for a new opportunity. And with few exceptions, we find the people other recruiters cannot – because they weren’t looking. Yet.

We dialogue with leads, and are more invested in an extraordinary fit than commission from a less-than-ideal fit.

So, come to us with your challenge, and throw down the gauntlet.