The Modern Recruiting Landscape Is Dysfunctional, So We Made Some Changes

Bad recruiters have scared-off the talent in an endless feed-forward cycle.

Anybody can get access to candidate job boards, and they do. They are incentivized by the commission for a placement – and basically lie.

Employee is unhappy. The client is not happy. The placement is short-term and has low productivity, if the candidate even meets the criteria.

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The Cost Of A Bad Placement

The cost of vacant positions far exceeds a generous salary, but the cost of a bad hire can exceed even that.  You pay in terms of low morale, succession planning, security, problem mitigation practices.

We Followed Some Great Advice And ‘Thought Different’

As we detail on ‘What’s Wrong With Modern Recruiting’, the ‘search and place’, low-bar, keyword-driven recruiting methods drove talent underground. Let’s talk about our methods, beyond our secret sauce of finding candidates nobody else can.

Screening Process

We take employment screening very seriously and when we refer candidates for consideration, you can feel confident they are well qualified. Applicants go through all the processes listed below before they can be placed in a temporary job or referred for consideration for permanent hire. While we strive to meet in person every candidate that we showcase whenever possible, we do perform a video interview at a minimum via ZOOM for every candidate.

Our Recruitment Screening Process At A Glance

  • Verbal pre-application via Phone Screen
  • Written application
  • In-depth personal video interview via ZOOM
  • Testing (as appropriate, see next page)
  • Minimum of two employment references
  • Criminal record search (if applicable)
  • Driving record report (if applicable)
  • Credit check (if requested)
  • Education verification (if requested)
  • Drug screen (if requested

Skills Testing

We have a site license to one of the most advanced skills assessment systems on the market. We have hundreds of validated tests available to qualify applicants in a wide range of disciplines to determine potential job skills with pre-employment testing for technical skills

  • For technology applicants, we check and confirm that the candidates have specific IT job skills in working with MS  Windows, Linux, .NET, Java, DevOps, Cloud, JavaScript Frameworks, Microelectronics, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Quality Assurance, Infrastructure, various accounting applications, and many more
  • For others, we determine what testing is most appropriate when the order is placed.

We identify impact players in the marketplace through a proprietary referral based method that nails down tested individuals whose efforts raise the bottom line for their current employers. Many of our candidates are not available through any other source!

Our turn-around time is lightning fast and our available service fees and packages are some of the most cost-effective options on the market.