Bull Staffing Co. Places Automation Engineers And Executives

​As AI is making automation more widespread and even more reliable, manufacturing is moving increasingly toward automation, and the demand for qualified automation engineers is rising rapidly as more manufacturers turn to automation for efficiency, cost savings, and increased output.

Modern factory floors are becoming increasingly integrated if not completely dominated by automated Industrial Controls, Industrial and Vision Guided Robots that are capable of handling everything from Assembly, Dispensing, Material Handling, Packaging, Palletizing, and more.

This growth is expected to accelerate rapidly due to smarter, more connected, and collaborative, sophisticated systems. Through the use of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic devices, and computer systems, more and more processes are becoming fully automated; namely in the manufacturing industry.

Our Automation Engineer Recruiting team is able to quickly identify, recruit, and deliver key Robotics and Automation candidates who have the technical expertise needed for your company to compete and thrive in this growing and ever-changing industry.  


  • Industrial Sensors
  • Variable Frequency Drives and Drive Systems
  • PLCs, HMI’s, and other Automation Componentry
  • RFID and Machine Vision
  • Robotics/Mechatronics
  • Fabrication & Prototype Development
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • AI and Robotics Automation Systems
  • Manufacturing Automation Upgrades
  • Industrial Connectivity and Device Networks
  • Motion Control
  • EO/IR Sensors and Engineering
  • SCADA and Process Management
  • Systems Integration Technologies
  • Manufacturing Management Systems
  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Linear Motion, and Programmable Electronic Control Systems

Common Job Titles

  • PLC/HMI Programmers
  • DCS Controls Engineers
  • CNC Programmers
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Modeling & Simulation Engineers
  • Machine Learning and AI Experts
  • IoT and Nano Computing Experts
  • Robotics and Automation Experts​