Bull Staffing Co. Can Find Your Technical Manufacturing Professional ‘Needle’ In The Haystack

The manufacturing industry faces numerous challenges in today’s marketplace. The four most significant challenges are dealing with intense global competition, finding and keeping skilled labor, handling cost pressures, and adapting to different consumer needs. ​

As AI is making automation more widespread and even more reliable,  the trajectory of current automation trends is starting to gain serious momentum and more and more factories are racing towards becoming 100% Automated. ​

Modern factory floors are becoming increasingly integrated if not completely dominated by Industrial Controls, Industrial and Vision Guided Robots that are capable of handling everything from Assembly, Dispensing, Material Handling, Packaging, Palletizing, and more.​

Ensure that your organization is equipped to handle these changes with highly trained and knowledgeable individuals who are prepared to work in a fast-paced environment, and efficiently implement these processes. 

Bull Staffing Co has been focused on providing top tier Manufacturing staffing solutions since our inception. Our extensive candidate pool, database, industry contacts, and the ability to generate highly skilled candidates with those hard to find skill sets separate us from the competition. 

At Bull Staffing Co, we search for and place candidates with unparalleled expertise in Modern Manufacturing techniques encompassing engineering, robotics, automation, and computer science for multiple industries including aerospace, semiconductor, electronics, transportation, automotive and medical equipment a wide array of cutting edge verticals.


  • Space Systems & Exploration 
  • Missile Defense Systems
  • Command and Control Modules
  • Fabrication & Prototype Development
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • AI and Robotics Automation Systems
  • Manufacturing Automation Upgrades
  • EO/IR Sensors and Engineering
  • Microelectronics, Sensors, and Hardware
  • MRP and ERP systems
  • PLC Systems Development and Maintenence
  • Systems and Sensor Upgrades
  • Machine Learning integration

Common Job Titles

  • Assembly Line Supervisors
  • Warehouse and Inventory Supervisors
  • Production Line Supervisors
  • Machine Operators
  • Maintenance Assistants
  • Shift Coordinators
  • Certified Electricians
  • Certified Electrical Engineers
  • Certified Mechanical Engineers
  • CAD Engineers
  • Maintenance Mechanics and Technicians
  • Machine Learning and AI Experts
  • IoT and Nano Computing Experts
  • Robotics and Automation Experts​