Service Offerings-Synopsis of Delivery Vehicles

Staffing And Recruiting Options

Full-Time Permanent Placement

Many of Bull Staffing Works’ clients engage us to undertake placement searches to fill permanent specialized positions within their organizations. If you are looking for a full-time employee, working with our highly talented professional recruiting team will give you the excellent exposure to true high impact players creating a synergistic fit for the position.

​Utilizing our proprietary Search and Screening process we strive to interview all of our candidates in person and conducts extensive reference checks to verify the quality of each candidate. In addition, we perform Technical Skill Assessments to test and validate your candidates’ IT skills.

How It Works

The potential new hire starts temporary work as an employee of Bull Staffing Works. If you decide to extend a job offer to the individual, Bull Staffing Works transitions him or her to become your direct employee.

​Many of our clients have used this program to evaluate skills, productivity, work ethic, and team chemistry before committing permanent hire dollars. As an added benefit, they have experienced reduced staff turnover and improved morale.

Temporary Staffing

Candidates and companies have come to rely on temporary employment more and more in today’s business environment. Searching for the best candidate can be a challenging experience. Or it can be a matter of finding the right staffing company.

​When you select our Temporary Services, you’re joining a long-standing organization built on a strong foundation of honesty, respect, and trust.

What we deliver

Bull Staffing Works can provide targeted “headhunting services”, similar to executive search, but focused on identifying, locating, and recruiting specific talent.

Retainer Based Permanent Placement
When you desire a guarantee of delivery (generally due to the critical nature of the search assignment) targeting technical placements, then a retainer agreement would be the best option. 

Project Based
Bull Staffing Works can develop a customized program to meet your specific recruiting needs whether they be volume based critical “headhunting”, general recruiting to fill open requisitions, targeted recruiting in support of marketing initiatives, etc.

Preferred Customer Discount Program – Volume Based
Bull Staffing Works offers a volume discount plan for its traditional Permanent Placement services.

Bull Staffing Works can act as your internal headhunting department with responsibility for filling all of your positions, both current and projected.

DI Sub-Areas We Work In

  • Space Systems & Exploration 
  • Systems Integration 
  • Missile Defense Systems
  • Satellite Operations & Command
  • Command and Control Modules
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Platforms
  • Intelligence Analysis 
  • Radar & Air Defense Systems 
  • Logistical Support 
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) 
  • Secure Unified Communications
  • C.R.A.M. Systems
  • Combat and Fire Control Systems
  • Port Harbor and Perimeter Defense
  • EO/IR Sensors and Engineering

Typical Job Titles

  • Mechanical Engineers 
  • Project and Program Managers 
  • System Integrators 
  • Stress and Structural Engineers 
  • Secure Network Engineers
  • Cleared Software Programmers
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Microelectronics & Hardware Engineers
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • EO/IR Sensors Engineers
  • Application Developers
  • RF and Microwave Engineers
  • Bench Level Testing Engineers
  • Contracts Management Professionals
  • Aerospace & Aerostructure Engineers 
  • Hot Zone and Armed Security Personnel