Recruiting Isn’t Just Matching Keywords, Get To Know The Candidate Behind The Resume, And Candidates With Mediocre Resumes Are Simply Not Marketers – They May Be Ideal For Your Role

Recruiters are efficiency experts: the more quickly they can roundfile a resume, the better. A typo. A missing keyword. A phrase the client wants to see. An out-of-state address.

The slightest issue becomes grounds to delete a candidate.

And similarly, the candidates they (or a service) may scrape up can fall prey to keyword stuffing – just as Google Search was victim to 15 years ago (before algorithm updates).

Recruiting is not just finding a matching set of buzzwords, which themselves change from year to year.

At Bull Staffing Co., we utilize a variety of methods to find candidates nobody else can. But we also look into a resume to see the candidate behind it. Now, if you’re hiring a copywriter or designer and they don’t know copy or design, that’s a problem. But there are great cybersecurity personnel who are not great resume writers.

Just something to keep in mind when hiring.

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