Recruiters Are Dug-Into A Space You Just Drive By

Also known as a recruitment firm, employment agency or head hunter, a staffing agency provides clients with pre-screened and pre-qualified manpower. As with any type of outsourcing, organizations that use staffing agencies are investing in the agency’s expertise. What staffing agencies charge their clients for providing qualified employees often saves those clients time and money otherwise wasted on recruiting, screening and training the wrong person for the job.

Pre-Screened Candidates with Proven Skills

Many Bull Staffing Works clients engage us to undertake placement searches to fill permanent specialized positions within their organizations. If you are looking for a full-time employee, working with our highly talented professional recruiting team will give you the excellent exposure to true high impact players creating a synergistic fit for the position.

We provide a broad range of programs and services to help you find the full-time talent your company needs. Our team of placement professionals are dedicated to locating, identifying, and recruiting the best talent the IT world has to offer.

Utilizing our proprietary Search and Screening process we interview all of our candidates in person and conducts extensive reference checks to verify the quality of each candidate. In addition, we perform Technical Skill Assessments to test and validate your candidates’ IT skills.

Opportunity to “Try Before You Buy”

Most staffing agencies offer clients the opportunity to turn a temporary employee into a permanent, direct employee of their organizations. If the client isn’t satisfied with the employee, he can simply not re-hire after the term is up or request that the agency replace the employee with a different one.

Bull Staffing Works’ Temp-to-Hire program enables you to observe and evaluate a potential employee’s on-the-job performance—before you decide to hire. Here is how:

The potential new hire starts temporary work as an employee of Bull Staffing Works. If you decide to extend a job offer to the individual, Bull Staffing Works transitions him or her to become your direct employee.

Many of our clients have used this program to evaluate skills, productivity, work ethic, and team chemistry before committing permanent hire dollars. As an added benefit, they have experienced reduced staff turnover and improved morale.

Mature Business Woman

Learn how Temp-to-Hire gives you the added insight you need to make better hiring decisions.

Quick Solution to Short-Term Vacancies

Organizations don’t usually have the time and coordination it takes to hire an employee for a short period of time, such as to cover for another staff member who is on vacation for a few weeks. The time it takes to place the job ad, interview applicants, verify references and train the employee usually takes an organization at least a month. Staffing agencies, however, specialize in the ability to provide organizations with a qualified job candidate on very short notice.

Candidates and companies have come to rely on temporary employment more and more in today’s business environment. Searching for the best candidate can be a challenging experience. Or it can be a matter of finding the right staffing company.

When you select our Temporary Services, you’re joining a long-standing organization built on a strong foundation of honesty, respect, and trust.

Our genuine, professional, sensitive approach to a client’s needs is embedded in our culture, enabling us to attract like-minded individuals. For over 23 years Bull Staffing Works’ Recruiting team has developed an outstanding pool of dependable, highly skilled applicants.

Wider Pool of Qualified Candidates

Staffing agencies are able to draw from their own database of qualified job seekers in addition to placing a help wanted ad, whereas most organizations only have the option of placing an ad.

Legal Expertise

Staffing agencies are knowledgeable in the area of labor laws, including which questions you can and can’t legally ask a job candidate during an interview.

The right fit every time! It is what our clients have come to expect!

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